Guide for the elaboration of bankable climate action projects


Experiences and lessons from the LEDS Lab 2020 climate financing laboratory


Guide for the elaboration of bankable climate action projects

This Guide presents the main recommendations and experiences arising from the preparation and development of the pilot version of the LEDS Lab in the Brazilian cities of Recife and Belo Horizonte, as well as in the Colombian cities of Envigado and Tópaga.


The guide is based on the GreenClimateCities (GCC) methodology, developed and tested by ICLEI. It was structured to support local governments to address the challenges and opportunities of urban growth, promoting sustainable development and a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy.


The LEDS La is a laboratory for financing climate projects, launched in 2019. It aims to improve the installed capacity in city halls for the elaboration of bankable projects, considering aspects of mitigation and adaptation to climate change.


LEDs LAB is part of the Urban-LEDS II “Accelerating Climate Action through Promoting Low Emissions Urban Development Strategies” Project, which has as its main objective to make low-emission development strategies a fundamental part of urban policy and planning in cities.


Urban-LEDS II is financed by the European Commission and implemented by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability in partnership with UN-Habitat, is being implemented in eight countries (South Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Laos and Rwanda). In South America, it is being implemented in seven local governments in Colombia and in eight cities in Brazil.